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Halloween at home

After four years of IWCU Halloween parties, I’ve really come to love Halloween. With no party this weekend to look forward to, I’ve decided to make our own Halloween fun at home. If you're like me and have nothing prepared, here are a few tips for some last minute Halloween fun at home.

“Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.”

Pick up some pumpkins and get carving. Pumpkin carving can be a fun activity that everyone can get involved in, albeit a little messy. All you really need is a spoon and a kitchen knife, although a pumpkin carving set is a lot easier. Don't forget, you can use the leftovers after carving your pumpkin too. Check out these tips here.

 “Come as you aren’t.”

It’s the costumes that I really love the most. Coming up with the ideas and putting them together is a huge part of Halloween for us. Usually at the last minute, but that just adds to the fun, right? We may be at home this year, but we will still be dressing up. It’ll be just for us…….and for anyone walking past on the street.

Some great tips here, if you fancy DIYing a last-minute costume.

"I'm totally ghoul just watching horror movies with you."

Watching Halloween movies wasn’t a part of my Halloween tradition, but that is changing this year. I haven’t quite decided whether I’ll go for the more classic Halloween movies or for the ‘scare the pants of me’ Halloween movies. Maybe both? There are endless lists out there with the best Halloween movies to watch, here's two to get you started.

"Oh my gourd."

An easy way to add a bit of spook to your Halloween is through food. I've seen endless fabulous Halloween inspired food at the IWCU parties over the years. Mostly, recipes that are good for sharing. As it's just the four of us this year, I might try adding a Halloween twist to our dinner instead. "Bone appetite" everyone!

"Trick or Tequila." 

My daughter used to refer to the IWCU Halloween party as the HalloWINE party. Why not embrace that idea and make some fun Halloween drinks at home. From mocktails to cocktails, there is something for everyone. 

Whatever you do this Halloween, I hope you have a little bit of skele-fun and creep it real. Here's hoping, we can see each other again next Halloween. In the meantime, "you gotta boo what you gotta boo".