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Let's Eat Out at home

It’s been almost eleven months since we’ve been able to go out as a group and visit one of the many fabulous eateries that Utrecht has to offer. With Let's Eat Out, our members would meet up every month and try a different café or restaurant throughout Utrecht. It was an evening filled with delicious food and good conversation. A favourite IWCU activity for many.

Now, there may not be a Let’s Eat Out on the calendar for the foreseeable future, but we can share some Let’s Eat Out favourites (that are open for business) to enjoy at home. These were all tried and tested by our members at a Let's Eat Out over the past few years. 

Sea Salt Saloon together with Madeleine

Madeleine offers French bistro classics with a modern twist. They only use seasonal produce and as a result their menu is constantly changing. They've continued this theme through their take away and delivery menu by offering a different 'Menu van de Markt' each week. They also offer a few Madeleine classics and a couple of Sea Salt Saloon dishes as well.

Sea Salt Saloon is a fish bistro offering fresh fish throughout the year. Alongside the Sea Salt Saloon dishes you can order through Madeleine, you can also buy oysters, mussels, delicious sandwiches and more from Sea Salt Saloon’s Fish Market (Wed 3, 3512 JH Utrecht) and at their oyster cart at Noen (Jan Van Scorelstraat 8, 3583 CP Utrecht).

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a wine and food bar offering mostly Mediterranean dishes to share. For their at home menu, they have a variety of Ruby Rose boxes that are delivered/picked up cold. Using the instructions provided you can prepare the food to have a Ruby Rose culinary experience at home. One of the unique things about Ruby Rose is their beautiful interior filled with pattern and colour. If you opt for pick up, you might be able to get a peek in person. Otherwise, take a look at their website as it's quite spectacular. 

Jonkheer De Ram

Meat is definitely at the heart of Jonkheer de Ram. Not surprising with an owner who has over 30 years experience in the butcher's trade. They focus on using fresh and regional products and have a selection of their menu available for pick up or delivery. 

The Streetfood Club

The Streetfood Club will take you on a food journey from Mexico to Thailand. As older sister to Ruby Rose, the Streetfood Club also offers a selection of fabulous boxes to prepare and enjoy at home. The boxes come with instructions on how to prepare and promise a delicious Streetfood Club evening within just a few minutes. You can even order a cocktail on the side (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

That covers the delicious food side. If you're looking for good conversation with fellow IWCU members, make sure you keep an eye on our calendar for our online activities or pop into one of our eight private Facebook groups. Hope to see you online soon!