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IWCU Easter egg hunt

This past Sunday would have been our annual IWCU Easter egg hunt. It’s one of four annual events that are geared towards members and their families. We have our Easter egg hunt, summer BBQ, Halloween party, and Christmas party. For me, the Easter egg hunt is definitely a favourite.

I've experienced three IWCU Easter egg hunts so far. My first was when my little girl was one. Her egg hunting skills left a lot to be desired, but she did come home with a bag full of sticks. She was really happy. I was secretly disappointed, as I was hoping to eat the chocolate eggs she found. The following year, she discovered that what she was collecting was actually edible. Since then the egg hunt is something she looks forward to every year.

While there is no egg hunt this year, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating Easter at home. If you’re looking for some Easter inspiration, then here are a few ideas:

Create your own egg hunt. You can organize your own Easter egg hunt at home, either indoors or outdoors (if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space). It can be a simple egg hunt, or you can put a bit of a spin on it. I’ve seen lots of creative ideas out there. One of them is an obstacle course egg hunt, where kids must crawl under things and jump over obstacles to find their eggs. Another option is to turn it into a scavenger hunt. This could be a nice way to make it a little more challenging, especially if you are tight on space. For those of us who aren’t feeling creative, you can follow the step by step guide on how to throw a scavenger style egg hunt on BBCgoodfood.

Let the kids hide the eggs. Organize an egg hunt, but let the kids hide the eggs. My daughter seems quite excited about this one. She’s been a little vague on whether I’ll be allowed to eat the eggs I find though.

Decorate eggs with the kids. This one may be obvious, yet it's something I've never done with my kids. Maybe this is finally the year to give it a go. There are endless ways to decorate eggs, but the idea of using items you already have is appealing to me. Trying natural dyes could be a good option this year. I know I don’t have any food coloring lying around, but I do have turmeric and onion skins for example. The kitchn has a great post on how to dye naturally vibrant Easter eggs.

Bake some Easter goodies with (or without) the kids. There are lots of Easter baking recipes out there. Cakes, biscuits, hot cross buns and all at varying skill levels. I don't know about you, but I do find baking makes me feel better. Even with the kids (mostly). 

Enjoy a special Easter meal. You don’t have to cook it yourself; you could support one of many local restaurants offering take away Easter breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner options. Indebuurt lists a few of these and if you’re on Instagram, then you should check out Explore Utrecht’s Easter meals tips post as well.

Whatever you end up doing this Easter weekend, I hope you all enjoy it the best you can.