The International Women's Contact Utrecht (IWCU) was established in June 1992 to promote contact between English-speaking women living in the Province of Utrecht. Our purpose is to provide a place for women to meet each other, find support and information, make friends and socialize. We're open to women of all ages and nationalities, those with children and those without, single and married. All club activities are in English.

Who are we?

We are women of all ages, interests, experiences and circumstances. We come from various countries and backgrounds, ranging from career professionals, mothers and housewives, to students and retired citizens.

More specifically, we are:

International: Our members come from 30 different countries, so that while about half of us are from either the UK or the US, and some from right here in the Netherlands, the other half come from 27 countries spread all over the whole world. And, since we are such an international group, many of us have more than one nationality. Half of us have been here more than seven years and half of us less, with times in country ranging from 2 months to 49 years (not including the Dutch members).

Women: We range in age from 25 to 74, with an average age of 43 and a median age of 40. Many of us have children, but many don’t. Most of us, 60%, came to this country for love, followed by 18% who came for work, 17% for their partner’s work, 10% for other reasons and 6% to study. 

Contact: We usually have between 120 and 140 members. Around half of us have joined the group since 2011. The other half have been members longer (in some cases much longer), but join dates weren’t recorded prior to 2011. 

Utrecht: Our numbers reflect that our group encompasses the Province of Utrecht, not just the city, although almost half of us do live within the City of Utrecht. The next largest communities are in Zeist and Amersfoort, but there are folks sprinkled in communities all around the rest of the province, and in some cases, even outside of it, such as Culemborg or Weesp. 

What do we do?

We provide a wide range of enjoyable activities, such as Mums and Tots, seasonal excursions and parties, pub nights, gallery and museum visits, guest speakers, a bookworms discussion group, walking tours, plus monthly coffee mornings in Utrecht, Amersfoort and Zeist. For more, check out the list of activities that the club offers and look at the calendar for events coming up in the next few months.

The IWCU is an active supporter of a charities chosen by members, usually those supporting women and children and always ones where a relatively small amount of money or a small gift can make a difference. Read more about what charities we support and how.

You can also take a look at our Constitution.

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