Monthly Activities


The IWCU offers a calendar of activities and events to suit a variety of interests and tastes. They allow members to socialise and learn, while sharing hobbies and interests with others. The range of activities we offer are based on the interests of our members and can change over time. Are you interested in starting your own activity? We welcome ideas for activities that any member would like to organise.

We have regular activities that take place at least once a month, annual events, and pop-up events. Our annual events include the Annual General Meeting, Easter Egg Hunt, Spring Social, Boat Trip, Summer BBQ, Halloween Party, Winter Social, Christmas Market Bus Trip and Christmas Party. Recent pop-up events include a Georgian Wine Tasting, SWISH Clothing Exchange, Yoga Class, Painting Workshop, Dance Class and Coaching Workshops.


Our monthly activities include:

Board Games Evening: Games night is a good way to bring friends together and keep the laughter (and wine) flowing.  We’ll select a different game each month from our favorites list, such as Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens, and Regenwormen. Feel free to bring your favorite games. The more games, the merrier.

Bookworms: Do you love to read? Do you like to meet women from different countries? Then this group is waiting for you. The book club reads one new book per month and then meets every third Monday evening of the month to discuss. There is also a DVD night, a poetry evening, and the group goes out to eat together once a year.

Café Mornings: These mornings are a great, low-stress way for you to come, meet and chat with other members. A gentle introduction to the club, it's a nice way for prospective members to meet members. Come find us in Utrecht, Zeist, or Amersfoort, usually at a cafe in town.

De Nederlandse Boekenclub - Online: The purpose of this group is to enjoy and discuss adult-level Dutch books. By seeking out books that are written for adults, but at a "Dutch is not my first language" level, we hope to together learn to read and speak a bit better Dutch while enjoying a good story. We meet online every Wednesday evening.

Dutch Conversation Group: How's your Dutch? Would you like to practice more? This is a great opportunity to practice among friends and start to feel more confident in speaking Dutch. We are all learning, practicing and getting better. We talk about whatever comes up while chatting over coffee/tea. Welkom bij de gezelligheid!

Let's Eat Out: Join a group of international women savoring a diverse array of culinary delights for a night of delicious food and good conversation at one of the many eateries, restaurants, and cafés in Amersfoort and/or Utrecht. You are sure to enjoy a fun evening in great company where you can share tricks and tips about life as an international in the Netherlands.

Let's Explore: Join this fun day trip to picturesque sites throughout The Netherlands. Let's Explore meets up every other month. Enjoy history, museums, shopping, canals, and lunches. Dutch towns are charming, filled with history, cobblestone streets, architecture, canals, and windmills. No matter how long you've been here, there will be something to delight in.

Let's Take a Walk: Explore the trails, forests, canals, and waterways around the province of Utrecht and sometimes even a bit further afield. Create great memories as you connect with Dutch nature and other club members. Shelia leads the way as you explore the Dutch countryside. Walks can vary in length from 5 to 20km, so there is something for everyone.

Mums & Tots: If you're looking for a coffee and chat, these informal playgroups provide a fun way to meet other IWCU members. The children get to spend two hours with English-speaking playmates. Come along to one of these friendly, lively mornings or afternoons to pick up some useful advice, have a great time, and a good chat.

Museum Visits: Every month we head off to a different museum, somewhere in the Netherlands. Come along and learn about Dutch history, culture, art, technology, and science. With over 500 museums in the Netherlands, the possibilities are almost limitless! If you have your MuseumKaart, you're more than ready.

Pub Nights: Pub nights are a great opportunity to have a drink, meet other members, and make new friends in a relaxed setting. We have monthly pub nights in Utrecht and Zeist (with a meal) and a special Men's Pub Night in Utrecht for partners. Come along, enjoy a cocktail (or mocktail) and have a nice evening out.

Sewing Circle: This is an informal get-together for both beginners and advanced seamstresses. The idea is to pool our knowledge and help each other. Bring along your current project including machine-sewing, cross-stitch, patchwork, knitting, darning, lace-making, or any other needlework. It's also OK to just come and drink coffee - you may eventually get inspired to sew something!

Small Business Club: A support group for all IWCU members who either have a small business, are thinking of starting one, or just enjoy the exchange of creative energy and tips concerning projects they are working on. Come along and be inspired to get your project moving forward.

Themed Dinners: These dinners are an opportunity to explore different cuisines and enjoy each other’s company at the same time. Challenge yourself in preparing food from a different country or with a special theme, get together with other members to taste delicacies, and enjoy the special atmosphere.


Days can vary, so double check the calendar for up-to-date information

Day1st week2nd week3rd week4th week
 Mon PMBoard Meeting
(alternates b/t Mon & Tues)
Zeist Pub Night
with meal
 Tues AMDutch Conversation

 Tues PMBoard Meeting
(alternates b/t Mon & Tues)

 Wed AM

Utrecht Coffee Morning
(alternates b/t Wed & Fri)
 Wed PMNederlandse BoekenclubNederlandse BoekenclubNederlandse Boekenclub
Board Games Night
Nederlandse Boekenclub
Let's Eat Out Utrecht
 Thurs AM

Zeist Coffee Morning
 Thurs PM
Small Business Club
(every couple of months)
Let's Eat Out Amersfoort
 Fri AMMuseum Visit
Amersfoort Coffee Morning

Let's Take a WalkUtrecht Coffee Morning
(alternates b/t Wed & Fri)
Let's Explore
(every other month)
Sewing Circle
 Fri PMPub Night Utrecht

Men's Pub Night
 Sat PM

Themed Dinners